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Generator fuel problem

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I have an 8KvA generator with a Jiangyang JF420 engine which I can't get started. It will run on starting gas, but it seems like no fuel is getting through. It has a Huayi H16 carburettor. Fuel is getting to the carby. I suspect problems with the anti-backfire solenoid.

Could someone explain how these solenoids are supposed to work.
Does the genny always need a working battery so that the solenoid will open when the key is turned on?
I tried putting the solenoid on a 12v battery and regardless of polarity, the needle on the solenoid extended out rather than retracting as I would have expected.
I have seen youtube videos suggesting to just grind the solenoid needle off, but I'd rather make it work as it should if I can.

Any info gratefully received

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Your solenoid working fine then. These fuel are designed to operate backwards to other small engines like on riding mowers. It only operates a short time during shutdown to prevent excess burnt fuel reaching the hot exhaust which would give you that familiar backfire sound.

Your problem is more likely a plugged nozzle or main jet. A good carburetor cleaning with it disassemble should clear the problem up.
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