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General Video Card question

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Total noob here. Have a 5 year old DELL.
Windows XP
Intel 4 CPU 3.00GHz
3 GB of RAM
ATI Radeon
Internal DAC (400mhz)
128 MB
Running dual monitors

I know java is a memory hog. But everything I run, youtube - MLB extra innings - , etc. rips my CPU usage up to 80-95%.

Is this the video card? If so, any inexpensive suggestions?
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Hi Bolt1963,

No, your CPU running @ 80-95% doesn't mean it's your videocard. One thing you can do is to look in the task manager to see what's taking up the CPU usage. Go to the task manager and on the bottom left corner, check "show processes from all users". Then on the top, click on the CPU tab and see what is causing the CPU usage to go high.

Do you have Norton 360 installed? The Norton programs are definitely resources hogger programs.
Hi, thanks.

The culprit is always the browser. Regardless if its Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE......

Have the latest version of flash.
Have used revo-uninstaller to get rid of all the garbage.
Run super-anti spyware and CC Cleaner religiously.

But its been an issue from out of the box. Thats why I thought maybe it was the video card. Not knowing what the 128MB means....figured maybe it didn't have the juice to run dual monitors? But sounds like you are going to blame my browsers..... in which case it happens with all of them......
Going to take this over the to CPU forum. Its not the video card. I can run high quality videos off my hard drive.

Link to new thread:
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