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I have an AMD 1 gig cpu running XP w/ Geforce2 mx/mx 400 with ver 2.03 driver. system ran fine for over a year. Have tried several different drivers without sucess. Some times everthing is fine, other times it just hangs and then reboots with the following message.--words to the effect.

System encountered a serious error. the Geforce2 mx/mx 400 appears to be the source of the problem.

right now, with out any changes the system is up an running. Hate to turn it off for fear that it will not come up the next time. Could there be a problem with the video card --

Perhaps related.

Sometimes when the system comes up, there is a message box labeled "Rundll" "could not located inst32.dll" after I down loaded inst32.dll to the system, the box will say "error loading inst32.dll the specified module could not be found"

Sometimes the system will allow me to click "ok" and will continue running. Other times it just freezes and then reboots with the Geforce error appearing on the screen asking me if I want to send the message to microsoft. Generally the system will be frozen, will reboot and if I don't go to safe mode, will remain frozen.

any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Would a new video card solve the problem???????

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