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Hello, I've been having troubles with my graphics card (I believe thats the problem anyways) lately and I can't even seem to put together the words to explain whats wrong with it.

All around the card is causing little to no problems, its when I start playing MMORPG's when it really starts to act up. Now I'll try my absolute best to explain the situation, and if possible post a pic to better give you an idea.

Usually when I'm playing for an extended period of time, the graphics on my monitor turns to madness. First certain objects within the game project a full screen pyramidic pixel, then more objects join in and before long the whole screen is a bunch of colorful pixels. Now from what I realize it seems to only happen in a large group of players, or where lag seems to be a bit of an issue.

My comp specs.

Operating System
MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3
AMD Sempron 3300+ 37 °C
Palermo 90nm Technology
1.5GB Single-Channel DDR @ 200MHz (3-3-3-8)
Acer E761GX (CPU 1)
HP w1707 ([email protected])
256MB GeForce 7800 GTX (nVidia) 61 °C
Hard Drives
156GB Seagate ST3160812AS (SATA) 36 °C
Optical Drives
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio

And a picture of the problem. Hope that worked.
If anyone has any ideas how to fix it, please let me know!
Thanks =)


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Hi, welcome to TSF

Are those temperatures taken at idle or while running a fullscreen game?

If they're idle, then the graphics card is too hot, and the hard drive is quite hot but not at the 40C danger zone yet. What are they like while playing a game, and what are your voltages?

As the problem is only in one area of the screen, it's more likely to be a driver problem. If it was hardware, you would see dots and lines all over the display. Update your chipset and graphics drivers to the latest versions, and DirectX to 9.0c.

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Thanks Koala,

Those temperatures were taken on idle, and those temps usually sit around the same in-game or not.

Psu brand - Coolmax V-400,

Voltage 115V/230V

I believe that answers your questions about that, and I'll try updating pre-stated drivers.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply Koala and Tyree.

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I've had similar issues with mine as well. Usually a driver update helps or sometimes actually using an older driver works better, but very seldom.
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