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Hi everyone,

I have very recently bought a new referbished laptop, its a Packard Bell Easynote H5 315 with P4 3.2Ghz, 512Mb RAM, XP (SP2) and a Geforce FX go5100 which has been giving me problems.

Everthing was fine until I installed and started playing GTA: San Andreas. The graphics started out fine but after about 30 seconds the graphics became so jumpy that the game frequently freezes and becomes unplayable. I lowered resalotion, changed from 32 to 16 bit, and set the graphics to low and altough better the same problem happends.

The thing is it runs fine on my desktop PC (AMD 1.8Ghz, 512Mb RAM, XP (SP1) and Geforce 4 MX 440)...Surly my laptop specs are much better?!

I googled this problem and found some stuff about turning on V-Sync and applying some antialising which did help but the game was still unplayable. I then started looking for new drivers then the one already installed ( but it was the lastest.

I tryed the newest forceware driver from nivida but of corse my card was not supported. So after much googling and reading forums, I came across websites with modified INF files that allow new forceware drivers to be used with graphics cards such as mine.

Since then, I have tryed these drivers with different antialising settings and in game settings, some are slightly better but still the game has to be set on a low graphical setting before the game becomes to jumpy to play and freezes after about a minute or two: (oringal driver)

Interestingly, I installed the game Far Cry when the 78.03 driver was isntalled and it gave a 'critical exception' error before it even ran the game and closed down. But when i put the 56.77 driver on the game runs altough still quite jumpy but playable. GTA: San Andreas is the same as before. (altough only with this driver and the very first one the 'rockstar games' logo at the begining is visable, the other driver just gave a purple screen witht he sounds playing)

This is fustrating me to no end i would have thought this laptop would have had no problems when my desktop doesn't! If I could I would just buy a new graphics card but laptops are apprently nearly impossable to ungrade.

Any help in the slightest would be greatly appricated! I've tried so hard and don't know what esle to do but aimlessly try random drivers! Is it possable its a hardware fault?

Also I noticed when the jumpyness happends, a faintish high pitched sound can be herd from the laptop, loosly simular to a higher pitched hard drive sound.

Again, The slightest of help greatly appericated! Sorry for the essay and thank you for your time.

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the difference between your desktop and the laptop,is the ram
the laptop video will be sharing the 512 of ram,where the desktop will have the 512 + the video ram
so that may be your problem
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