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Geforce 7800 question

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hello, so here is my problem. My geforce 7800 fan will turn on and off during video game play causing a huge drop in fps. It just recently started. the only things that i have done around this time are change drivers and have cmos battery and power supply replaced.
I am assuming that it is the video card fan because I hear a sound that starts whenever I start game. It used to just be a constant sound when game is running but now it starts and stops, causing the lag.
thanks for your help.
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Welcome to TSF. Can you post your Motherboard make and model? A failing PSU could be your problem. Let us know.
Run ATI Tool and see if you get artifacting

Also post your GPU temps using GPu-Z

Like what Nexxtech said we need your full specs.
Graphics card
sorry not very tech savvy.
gigabyte k7 triton mb, athlon 2600, i believe pc 2700 ram but not sure, geforce 7800 gs, dont know what psu is.
ran gpu-z temp is 60 degrees celcius, fan speed 50%
finally got atitool to download, its been scanning for artifacting for about 2 minutes and says no errors. not really sure what this means.
Maybe if applies take the fan cover off your Geforce card and clean out the dust. PSU unplugged and pulled carefully from the Motherboard. This maybe a hardware issue, but be sure dust buildup is not your issue.

Is your machine updated with the latest Geforce drivers? Also have you visited Gigabyte website for information on your Motherboard?
Sorry run ATI tool for around 1/2 an hour. post the temps using GPU-Z while ATI tool is running.

I would leave the fan cover on your graphics card as you might have to do the thermal paste.
Are you able to try with different PSU???

How old is your current one???
When you open one side of the case you can check for tag or sticker on PSU to see how many wattage your PSU got...
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