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Geforce 7600 GS 512mb PCI-e Problem

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I got this new Graphic Card and the first time i played a game it did this

This happens in all the games. All i've played.

This is what its not responsible to make this screen.
Ram - 2gb
OverHeat - 6 fans & huge Coolers
Motherboard - got a New one ASUS P5K

Here are my Specifications:

2 gb Ram
500w PSU by SunTec
400 GB memory.
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i run the same card on a p5k deluxe with a 650w silverstone psu
it could be your generic psu or bad ram on the card or a combination of both
It may be bad Ram on the graphics card but i dont think its the PSU becosue i triend 3 diffrent one's and the error was the same every single time.

This sometimes happens 10 minutes into the game, sometimes 3 hours.
I installed the latest drivers and deleted the old ones using Disk Cleaner Pro so Drivers is not the issue.
if the 3 you tried were of better quality and higher wattage rma the card
is there a way i can test my card for flaw Ram
try it in another computer and see if it runs ok or has the same problem
Well i tried it on my older MB and it does the same exact response.
then if it's under warranty rma it or replace it
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