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Geforce 4 MX440 BIG Problem

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I've been running a now fairly elderly Geforce 4 MX440 for a bit. In windows and playing DVD's it is great, and also on older games like Fifa 2004.

However on newer games like Fifa 2005 and almost all other new games the display flickers so badly that you basically can't see the screen (which is often distorted too..) with random black shapes etc.

I've tried updating the drivers(, changing the acceleration settings, resolution and even a couple of different monitors. All to no avail.

Obviously having a video card that can't play games is... USELESS!

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check voltage and temps
(use everest home edition)

when you play fifa, it may use the full potential that can use too much power or overheat and glich.
donno what else to tell ya
if you can get hold of a bit of money then i would recommend upgrading the graphics card because as you said that card is fairly elderly now, if you need any recommendations please ask and tell me your price range aswell.
along with your powersupply info, i had a mx440 and i found out that if i had bought a 6600gt stead of a 6200 i would have needed a new PSU and may have damaged something.
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