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Gears Of War Help With Crashing?

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I recently brought gears of war.
It took over half an hour to load. (it all went smoothly)
When i start playing on it it crashes within miutes of playing on it!
i have the lastest nvidia drivers.
I have over 60gb free..
Computer spec: sony, window vista homepremium, 200gb , 2gb ram, intel core 2 duo cpu.
I dont really know what else 2 do?
can anyone help?
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Hi, welcome to TSF

Have you tried dropping the screen resolution and graphics options to minimum?

What graphics card are you using? Also, open the case and make a note of the make/model and total watts listed on the PSU label.

Enter your full system specs into this power calculator and set Capacitor Aging to 25%. Click the Calculate button, then add 30% to the total to allow for PSU inefficiency. Post back with this figure and the PSU label details.
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