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Hello to everyone. I stumbled apon this site a few days ago and liked what I saw so decided to join up. Learning is my main reason for being here. After getting laid off from my job as an electronics technician repairing audio equipment, by chance I was offered a job doing computer repairs and support. My knowledge in this area is only what I have taught myself over the past 7 years of owning a PC, so its been a steep learning curve over the past 2 months. But I've been getting into it and enjoying it heaps, so I might stick with it and see how it goes. :smile:
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Hi Scoop, glad you like it here. We have a great community.
this isnt the crocodile hunter, is it?
i wanted to ask him something :laugh:

welcome to our calm and relaxed community where you will find many mixed and informative discussions, but usually find out that i am right! just kidding

glad your aboard :sayyes:
Hi down under from up over in Idaho.Welcome :cool:
Greetings and salutations. How are things today?
G'day cobber,
always good to see another Aussie here. [nevermind u losing the Ashes...hehe]
welcome, if you're looking to learn, you're in the right place
Hello and welcome to TSF! Hope you like it!
Howdy, good to have you here.
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