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I have a problem with my Gateway Profile 5, All-in-one.
Win XP Home.
Gateway service is not the best. They have now out-sources the Support to MCP.
Problem is, MCP website does not work!!!

I had a problem with it three years ago when it would not Start UP.
I sent it back to Gateway and they returned it with a new Power Supply.
It works just fine except for one issue.
It uses an external power supply similar to a laptop system.
When I turn off the power to the power supply, ( Pull the plug and put it back in or power failure) the computer will not restart when I press the Power button.
I have discovered that if I disconnect the power supply from the computer and then reconnect it to the computer with the power supply plugged in and then press the power button, it will start up normally.
When I shut down, I have to leave the power supply plugged in and powered up.
What is going on?
I have tried changing the “Power” settings in the BIOS and none of the settings solve the problem.
It seems that there are other users that have had problems that are similar. (but worse)
There is one odd feature.
After shutting down, about 12 seconds later, a message, “Power Save Mode” pops up on the screen.
I have checked the Power Management settings and can find no reason for this.
Is there some setting in the Power Management that is causing this?
That’s all the information on the problem.
I just will NOT send it back to Gateway for this.
I will just leave Gateway!!!
I have been fiddling with this for a long time.
Any ideas? :4-dontkno
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