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Gateway NV52 laptop no output

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Gateway NV52
4 gigs of Ram
320 Gig hard-drive

2 years old

When it was on displayed warnings about power saying to replace the battery.
Those warnings were ignored.

Laptop when powered on has no display at all.
On the front there are 2 LEDs the left one with a power symbol turns blue when i turn it on but i do not hear the hard-drive re-acting at all. and the LED on the right has a symbol of a battery and when i first plugged in the power cord it stayed red(indicating i believe it was charging, and is now a blue (while still off).
I looked on this forum and on google for a fix but could not find one, i went on gateways website and followed a fix that said to take out the battery and the ac adapter and held down the power button which apparently will release any build up energy.

When i turn it on i do not get to Post, i litterally get no output at all. So i don't think it's an issue with the hard-drive, and i've connected this via HDMI to my TV so i don't think it's the screen.

Someone said they took it apart and short circuited it and it works now, does anyone have any soultions or guides/ walkthroughs on how i can fix this?
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i had already read that whole thing, i tried everything but taking out the cpu.
After talking to a friend he said he's pretty sure it's the mother board....i'm curious though, is there a way to tell what exactly happened that ruined the motherboard and are there any guides to fixing motherboards?
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