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GATEWAY MC-7801u Replacing backlit keyboard

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I have a replacement keyboard, but it did not come with instructions. I have had no luck on Google searches for any help.
Can anyone direct me to a how to, or just tell me how to do the repair?
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This is for the laptop correct? I will as to have this thread moved to laptop section as i have never had to replace a keyboard

I found a site that might point you in the right direction
Yes it is a laptop, I will check the link, thank you very much.
Hi and welcome to TSF so far I cannot see a service manual all I can find is that you need to remove the top panel that contains the lights, then there is a screw on the back I will if I have time later see if I can locate any more info
Hi ok this is all I can find there are some gateway models so it may give you a idea
anyone help I'm trying to replace the keyboard for gateway laptop model 7801u. can't seem to find how to release the keyboard.
I actually figured it out myself. there are a total of 7 screws needed to be removed. Take the battery out and three screws there need to come off. Then take the dvd out and two screws there need to come off. then the two top corner screws of the under side. then with a thin plastic screw driver or guitar pick pry the black piece up. becareful not to pull up to much because there are ribbons for the finger side operation for the laptop on this piece. then once you have this folded back remove three screws, pull up slow, remove the 2 ribbons and you are done.
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