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hi, ive just got a free computer off my auntie, but when i switched it on its really slow!, its a Gateway FLEXATXSTC model number: BRO 866, its running on a p3 800mhz. I was thinking of buying a new processor, but im not sure wot the motherboard will support, any help would be most appresheated.
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first i would do a clean winxp install. i currently have a p3 450mhz with 512mb ram system and its fast.

u could also do a general clean up with adaware and clean up any old files that are not needed.
yea, i have reinstalled xp, and i have orderd sum ram, but would i be able to put a p4 in it? or a better p3?
possible a better p3. is it slot 1 or socket 370 ?

if its slot 1 it looks like a little addon card if its socket 370 it looks like anormal white socket with a heatsink on it.

the fastest p3 there ever was was a 1.4ghz not sure but u can find them floating around on some websites and also ebay. i personally wouldnt invest too much into it, the p3 1ghz were great paired with something like a ati 9500pro and possible a gig of ram will do awsome.
im pretty sure its a socket 370 i think. im only going to be installing two pieces of software on the pc, i looked on ebay and there are a few p3 1.4ghz processors on, so im thinking of buying one. but still unsure iv it will work on this system.
it is a socket 370 im 100% sure but thers no info on the mobo model nothing. the only way to really find out is by using everest home edition and creating a report and if that doesnt work finding out the mobo manufacturer.
ok, 1. whats everest home edition? and 2. whats the mobo model/manufacurer?

there is a model number on the back of the pc that reads: BRO 866
k thats a step further :D
everest home edition is a little program that can tell u anything about your internals on the computer.

the mobo is the motherboard the big circuit board inside where the cpu sits on. usualy the name or model of the motherboard is printed on there along with the manufacturer
ok i just had a look on the motherboard, and the only two noticable writing was: micro star model ms - 6312
and also it had MS - 6312 VER: 1 at the top.
microstar stands for MSI so the motherboards an MSI motehrboard but its specifically made for Gateway. I cant find any information more then that it supports a 370 celeron or p3 but no speeds. from the comparisons to the MSI archives i doubt it will take a p3 faster then 1ghz but i cant assure you that the 1ghz will run or not.

id stick with the 800mhz as you wont see a big performance increase adn the motherboard isnt capable for anything besides being a server or a fine little internet PC.
yea ok, well thanks very much for your help.
OK, the low-down on your Gateway.
The motherboard uses the Intel 810E chipset. The max CPU you can use would be a 1.1GHz. The reason why you cannot use a 1.4GHz processor is because the MB does not support a Tualatin core. It will only support Coppermine and Mendocino core CPUs in the P3 and Celeron flavors. Pretty much it will support any of the PPGA or FCPGA socket 370 CPUs. Not the FCPGA2.
Maximum memory supported is 512MB.
there u go :D
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