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Gaming/FPS problems.

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Hi all, this sounds like more of an issue with my hardware than it does with my software, so i posted it here.

My setup is this

AMD Duron 900 @ 990 (Dont wanna do all the physical stuff, too worried ill do something wrong)
AOpen AK33 Mobo
512mb PC133 SDRAM
ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128mb
Sound Blaster Live!

Ever since ive bought the computer (i use it mainly for games BTW), ive had troubles getting over 20fps in all of my games. Even on Counter Strike, playing with only 4 people, settings are OpenGL 640x480, i dont get more than 23fps.

I am using DirectX 9, and have a cable connection so i know its not my connection.

Ive tried so many different things, ive set my AGP aperture to each setting (best results at 128mb), ive set my CPU clock to all settings using the BIOS (best results at 990Mhz), ive even done everything i can using Radeonator, nothing i do can bring my FPS over 20-25fps.

Any ideas?
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Forgot to mention that my drivers are all up-to-date.
Have you tried going into CS and changing your FPS to like 100???

I forgot what the command was but I'm sure if you go to the CS website and look in their forum you should find it.
the command to set the max fps in CS is

max_fps 99

this will set the engine to run at its highest FPS possible, wich is 99 btw.
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