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games lock up

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My computer locks up quite irrationally under some games (all of them are 3d: morrowind, vtm, gothic). sometimes it locks up 1-2 minutes after i`ve started the game, sometimes it runs for about an hour then locks up. At every lock up the sound "crashes" (either it falls into a loop or there is just a an irritating beep)
Sometimes the system also crashes the same way with DVD's & some movies.
I've got a Pentium III 1Ghz processor, a Geforce2 MX/400 64MB,
384 MB RAM, a SB Audigy card and WinME.
I've no idea what to do with this problem and it's driving me crazy!
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Well your hardware sounds like it should handle it no sweat. Right now I'm thinking its Windows ME. There are so many problems with that version of Windows, you could track them forever. Have you had a chance to try another version? Say WinXp or Win2k? Even going back to Win98SE. I had problems with games too in WinME, so I went back to 98SE and they were fine. Since then I'm on WinXP, and now things are the best ever!
well 1st i installed good old windows 98 SE but it didn't change anything. my computer still locked up wwhen i played those games or watched DVDs (VERY annoying). i switched to winXP but that didn't help either. i still have the bug and can't repair it... i have abslutely no idea what could be wrong...
sup gulash?

Hows the temperature on your machine? Most of the systems are pumping out heat when you play graphic-intense games so you might wanna check the airflow inside your case...

Did you try switching between software/hardware rendering ?

hope that helps...
take care
I got the same problems...

And I don't think it's CPU-temperature or rendering-mode etc.

I guess it's just f****** Windows *gg*
I found that 28.32 drivers worked best with GF2 cards, so try that. Also, I had a sound loop/lock up issue with RTCW, which can sometimes be allieviated by moving your soundcard to another slot. Dont know why but that did work.

And yes, ME was the worst OS I ever used.
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