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Hey, guys!

Got a recent build here that I'm trying to get functioning properly for any game I run, however I'm running into a common issue with every one of them: Of the 8 games I've tested on it, 6 seem to crash at seemingly random times. Now, I did originally attribute this to a possible driver issuer as two of the instances happened to be a total system seizure and a BSOD incident. I got the drivers updated and the issue stopped for those instances, but I'm still running into crashing issues for everything else. Games I've tested so far are:
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2021)
  • Star Citizen
  • DCS World
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Destiny 2
  • SCUM
  • Ready Or Not
Of those games listed, DCS World has ran reliably without crashing, while Destiny 2 has also seemed to run pretty well, but I'm still doing testing on it. I cannot seem to figure out why all of these games seem to crash all at random times under normal gameplay; no mods, no alterations, no nothing. Drivers are all updated, and even Windows 11 is updated, too. I'm putting it in this category due to the fact that it could very well be a hardware issue. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I'm not seeing any damages on the hardware, to say the least, and until it crashes, the system seems to run extremely smoothly with little to no issues.
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