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Hi Everyone,

I recently did an almost complete upgrade on my system and have had very few problems; however, I recently began experiencing a serious issue. First off, here are my original system specs:

CPU: Core 2 Duo E6850
RAM: 2GB Corsair XMS DDR2 800
Mobo: Abit AW9D-MAX
Vid Card: XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 640 MB XXX Version
Soundcard: Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 700W

I first noticed this problem while playing Bioshock; after anywhere from 20-45 minutes of gameplay, the audio would suddenly drop out and if I tried to save or exit the game, the game would freeze and the entire system would be locked up, with ctrl-alt-del, alt-tab, etc not working at all. I first thought this was a problem with Bioshock, and that updating my some of drivers (vid card, sound card, RAID card) and/or turning off EAX support would fix the problem. This didn't help at all and I continued to experience the same problem.

Still thinking that it might be Bioshock, I began playing Team Fortress 2 and found the problem to be even worse when using it; in TF2, the exact same thing will happen, but much more quickly; I could play for 5-15 minutes before losing audio and having the entire system freeze a few seconds later. I also noticed that in TF2, after I'd lose audio, I wouldnt be able to move around in the few seconds I had before the system froze, though I could continue to use the mouse to look around.

After the system froze, hitting the reset switch also doesn't work; when I did, the LED on the mobo always stopped at 6F or 25. In the end, I always hadto switch off the PSU, which reset the bios.

Thinking that the problem might be my soundcard, I replaced my Audigy 2 with a Soundblaster X-FI Xtremegamer Fatal1ty. For a while, this seemed to fix the problem; I was able to play Bioshock for about 2.5 hrs with no issues, saving and exiting the program several times during my play time. Thinking that the issue was fixed, I started playing again today, only to have the exact same problem after ~30 min of gameplay.

I have two thoughts: First, I am wondering if it might be the psu; given my system specs, is a 700w PSU enough? Second, when I was playing for 2 hours with no problems, I was using headphones and today I had the audio going through the speakers; is there any chance the speakers are doing something to cause the problem?

Any suggestions on what the problem may be and advice on solutions would be very grealy appreciated.

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