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Gamecube "freezes" at the start of some games

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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone might have an idea as to what may be happening with my system.

For some games (Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2, Clone Wars, some others) the game will lock up (screen freezes with image still on screen, but music keeps playing). This never happens in the menus, but often just seconds after actually beginning the game. I noticed that Shrek doesn't freeze that often,but sometimes will after 10 or 15 minutes.

What troubleshooting steps should I take?

What might be the problem?

I don't get any on-screen errors or codes...just a complete freeze. The disc stays spinning and the last image at the moment it froze is still on the screen (music is still playing too). The reset button doesn't work at this point and I have to use the power switch on/off.

These games can sit all day at the menus and never lock up.

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I cant offer you any help, but I am experiencing exactly the same thing with Super Monkey Ball 2 on my GameCube.

Did you ever manage to resolve it? I am on my second copy of the game and it still freezes at exactly the same point.

Infogrammes said it was because I was using an unofficial memory card, but it still does the same without any memory card in.

Haha, unofficial memory card, there is really no problems surrounding 'unofficial' memory cards on consoles, they all work the same. Have you tried to take apart the case of your gamecube and take a dust-cleaner and spray it all around so there is no more dust, and maybe clean your laser as well, if that is possible with GC since it is with PS2.
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