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So, my 7 year old's Galaxy Tab A8 32GB has the black screen of death. It froze up completely while she was playing Kick the Buddy and the tablet wouldn't even turn off, so we held Vol Down + Power to force it off. It has been utterly unresponsive for 3 days since then.

It does connect to our laptop when plugged in through USB, but it recognizes it as a Samsung "Modem" rather than a tablet. Odin doesn't recognize it as a device at all.

I even cracked it open and unhooked the screen and battery connections then reconnected them and that didn't help either. I am at a complete loss on how to fix it and being the idiot I am, I voided the warranty by removing the back.

Can anyone help at all? Times is hard and I can't just drop another $200 on one with school coming up.
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