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Ga-sinxp1394 Mobo

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:confused: I have just completed the install of a new mobo, taken every precaution (esd) ect... here is the story.

The package was sealed from factory (never opened).

(1)The 478 socket has been loaded with silver prop dielectric grease.

(2) CPU intel 0.013 archetecture 3.06 GHz. properly seated and installed with all pins carefully inspected for strait pins and loaded with dielectric grease.

(3) Swiftech Watercooler head installed with careful mounting to not tilt CPU while installing head.

These are the most critical functions but just setting the grounds,
Upon boot, no checking of the drives by the bios. HDD light stays lit. all fans and lights come on (sister card and led on mobo)
No display on the monitor of any kind.
Had a disk in the floppy at start up but it was never seen.
tried to open the CD rom it would not open and was never seen.
I tried to shut down, it won't respond to buttons and won't do a reboot. I turned off power, checked all wiring from front panel, made sure reset was set and power sw. was set proper.
Made sure the ATX cable for the mobe (4pin) was inserted proper.
I forced shut down, stripped all equipment off mobo, leaving only essencials video card, floppy and CD.No cables to mobo just power on drives. (Note CD opens when mobo cable is not attached just power.) restarted... same thing.
Pulled the video card out, installed in my other computer... works fine. put it back on mobo.

just observation comments here, at start up no smoke or bad smells, no pops or fissss. nothing seems out of place, but not activity on drives (such as when bios is checking system out)
no response to shut down is posable.
I only found one set of jumpers and they are for external audio so I left them alone.
No raid systems are setup at this time and since I have no display I cannot examine the bios or do anything else.
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(1)The 478 socket has been loaded with silver prop dielectric grease.

(2) CPU intel 0.013 archetecture 3.06 GHz. properly seated and installed with all pins carefully inspected for strait pins and loaded with dielectric grease.
Explain how you put this grease on please!

You didn't put it all over the pins on the CPU and Socket and jam it in there did you?

And welcome to TSF...............:D
first time no, I spead it all over the socket holes with my finger, after I found a problem I became concerned the CPU may have tilted in spite of my caution during installation of cooling head.
But when I complete my inspection of the CPU I did spread the grease into the pins and inserted it to the socket, and let the grease squeeze out the sides of the CPU.
Mind you this was after the fact that is had a problem already and not before then.
Who told you to do this?
Noone has told me to do this, this method is found in forums and other tech post on the internet, no one has ever said apply to pins the reason I did this, the system is new both in build and too me, I am using a water cooled system , though I won't be pushing an extream drop in temp, if I should develop a leak I don't want it to reach the CPU as the Dielectric grease being non conductive moisture barrier I felt it would not be an issue to apply direct on pins and press it into the system. since I found little of it on the pins when I removed the CPU to inspect for damage or improper installation.
If you develop a leak what is going to protect the rest of the parts you have?

Anyway is this a new motherboard in a previously used case?
There are many places water can go if I have a leak and none of it would be enjoyable to me, in and for the most part my concerns for leaks would be in the corse of refill and bleed where in the case of this computer I nearly had to stand it on the top to get the air bubbles out.
I look for leak tracks in the light (shinny areas) and try to avoid miss haps but if it goes under the block and into the socket, I won't know till it's too late and fries something.
But like I said there are many places it can go, that one place I try to protect, since the cost of a board is quite a bit less than a 3.06 Gig CPU.
Perhaps I should not say quiet a bit as this board wasn't cheap.
Which getting back to the board do you feel the grease is causing a problem, I did alot of home work before commiting to the purchase of something that is in direct contact with the CPU and its power.
Even the purchase of a specific brand name of Silver Prop which I had to purchase and pay frieght all the way from New Zeland?
Just to be sure it would take the heat and protect.
Best Regards L.T
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Anyway is this a new motherboard in a previously used case?

You neglected to answer this question.............:D
This entire project is for my Schooling I am a major in Computer Technology, it is being founded on a base of Networking technology (just finishing intro network this summer) this fall is computer maintenance and software configuration. Next spring will be webmastering followed in the summer by graphics programming and development. Followed by advanced programming, this is my goals and not as laid out by school advisors.
Put another way, I have lived a long time, have many certifications in electronics and other technologies (can fill a wall)
I am now terminally ill due to a life long habit of smoking (50 years worth, so if you smoke and don't have too, better quit it really does kill you slow and you suffer a lot, the hidden cost of smoking).
I seek to develop the last part of my life in school (where I will never end school before my life ends.) I will complete a major with a degree or more in computer sciences.
Nothing in this computer was used (except my video card it's ATI 8500 128 Pro.) I will be completing most of the drives and more memory this fall, all for Raid.
I have designed this unit for computer graphics developer, It is being matched to my monitor, Sony G520 21" 24 dot pitch 85 hz. speed. I do all my school work on an MSI I built 2 years ago. and it can not keep up with my demands of multi-tasking.
That is why I picked the GA-SINXP1394 it's founded in multi-tasking.
At present I don't think the board or CPU are dead, something has me grounded to chassis most likely, and yes the grease is a maybe, one of the reasons I used this product is the ease of removing it, if required (it's solvent in electronic board cleaning fluid) it won't leave a trace. If this were a conductive product this board and CPU would have been toast; However I am not ready to make a determination as too what has happened, it is not lost yet, once I find the error, it will likely kick back in.
I use to build race cars and engines, always had the same thing, it starts off shacky then turns great after much tweaking and tuning, so this is not new to me. Oh the case is Lian-Li PC 75 server, the lower case I built for the cooling system with its fans and radiator, added 9 inches to the overall height of 31.5 inches off the floor.
I still have to finish the circuit board to control the run on cool down timer, (after shut down the cooler runs on for a period of time to get rid of hot soak).
Best Regards
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