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ga-m56s-s3 won't boot with two banks of ddr2 memory

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I've got a ga-m56s-s3 that I've been running with a 4gb bank (two sticks) of kingston pc2-6400. Was running fine but I needed more memory. So I bought two sticks of kingston pc2-6400 ddr2 4gb to add an additional 8gb to my system -- I wanted 12gb total.

However, I can't boot with all the memory installed. I've got matching sticks in their respective color-coded slots; i.e., the 2 4gb sticks in the "yellow" slots and the 2 2gb sticks in the "red" slots and it won't boot. I've tried swapping those as well (4gb sticks in "red" slots, etc.) with the same problem.

I can boot the system with either the 2gb sticks (for 4gb of memory) *or* the 4gb sticks (for 8gb of memory) but not together.

I've got a rev: 1.1 MOBO.

I did notice that the 4gb sticks are CL6 and the 2gb sticks are CL5, but since they're matched in their slots, that shouldn't matter.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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What made you think you need more memory?
Mixing RAM brands/specs is never advised and 4GB of RAM is more than enough for any game and most apps. Filling all the RAM slots on a Mobo can cause Voltage issues.
Remove all the RAM, clear the CMOS and try to boot with ONLY the original sticks.
If all is well you can try using the new sticks (one at a time) to be certain they are OK.
vmware requires ram when running multiple images in a virtual network for development. games are of no importance

memory stick brands are the same -> kingston. specs are the same per bank. the MOBO documentation is clear about pairing ddr memory into banks and matching speed, chips and specifications

if a MOBO has 4 slots it's safe to assume that using them all should not produce voltage issues.

I'll try clearing the CMOS.
Kingston RAM is OK for general use but not that great for performance.
What are the specs of the RAM (old & new)? What problems are you experiencing?
The only time, that I am aware of, that over 4GB of RAM is/can be used is when doing very intense graphic work.
Filling all the RAM slots on a Mobo very commonly causes Voltage issues. "Sometimes" that can be rectified by adjusting RAM Voltages but that is more common using performance type RAM.
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