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ive been sorting through a friends garage and found this i was wondering if it would be worth while in using it? was gonna build a new comp just to use as a software tester etc so if any one has any info regarding this board id like to know...
cheers guys

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Which version of the board was it?


There's your information, and links to download its drivers and BIOS updates. I'm not sure which one you have, though.

Looks like a nice little board to have some fun with.

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I'll post the specs here for convenience. Click on the first link to find where to grab drivers and BIOS.

VIA KT133 chipset

AMD® Athlon™ /Duron™ (K7) Socket A processor (256K/64K 2nd cache on die)
Supports 500MHz ~ 1.5GHz and faster
95/100/103*/105*/110*/115*/133* MHz FSB
AUTO detects CPU voltage

VIA VT8363 (KT133) Memory/AGP/PCI Controller (PAC)
VIA VT82C686A PCI Super-I/O Integrated Peripheral Controller (PSIPC)
Creative CT5880 PCI sound chip (4 channel audio)
Promise PDC 20265 ATA100 w/ RAID chip

3 168-pin DIMM sockets
Supports PC-100 / PC-133 SDRAM and VCM SDRAM
Supports up to 1.5GB DRAM
Supports only 3.3V SDRAM DIMM

Expansion Slots
1 x AMR (Audio Modem Riser) slot
1 x AGP slot supports 4X mode & AGP 2.0 compliant
5 x PCI slots support 33Mhz & PCI 2.2 compliant
1 x ISA slot

2 x Ultra DMA 33/66 bus master IDE ports on board
2 x Ultra DMA 33/66/100 bus master IDE ports on board
1 x FDD, 2 x COM, 1 x LPT, PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse on board
1 x joystick, 1 x line-in, 1 x line-out and 1 x MIC on board
2 x USB ports on board, 2 x USB ports by cable (optional accessory)
IrDA TX / RX header ready (optional)

ATX power connector
Power-on by LAN, RTC, Modem & Switch
Power-off by Windows® 95/98/2000 Shut down & Switch

Form Factor
ATX form factor, 4 layers PCB (30.4*24.4 cm)

H/W Monitoring
CPU/System voltage detect (Vcore,VDD,Vcc,+12V)
H/W detect & report Power-in voltage, CPU voltage and CMOS battery status
CPU/System fan revolution & temperature detect

Supports DualBIOS™ technology; 2Mbit flash RAM
AMI BIOS with enhanced ACPI feature for PC98/Win98/Win2000 ME compliance, Green, PnP, DMI, INT13 (>8.4GB) &Anti-Virus functions
IDE#1~#4, SCSI, LS120, ZIP & CD-ROM bootable
AC recovery ON/OFF control; Auto-detect & report system health status
Supports @BIOS Live Update utility

Other Features
Suspend-To-RAM (STR) & Wake-On-LAN (WOL)
Supports Internal / External Modem Ring On
Supports USB KB/MS Wake up from S3
Includes 3 fan power connectors
Poly fuse for keyboard over-current protection

Gigabyte Windows Utility Manager
Promise ATA100 IDE w/ RAID driver
VIA 4 in 1 service pack utility
Creative PCI sound driver

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thanx a lot for taking the time to look it up :)
just got to save some cash now for the hardware :(
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