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Hello All......

I am a new user to this very good forum, and am very pleased
I came across it :winking:
I am a PC reseller/ builder/ toilet cleaner / XP hair puller outer !
I have just completed building a PC for a customer, with the following:
GA-7VKMP ,40 GIG Maxtor HDD, 256MB DDR (Twinmos), AMD Duron 1.3 GHZ , Using the onboard S3 Graphics ........Running Win XP ...Nortons ect...
I am suffering the same prob as:

I have updated the Bios, all the drivers ,and, the system is still locking up...does anybody have a fix to this problem ?
I would greatly appriciate it.

Alan :confused:
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at what stage was it locking up, mine was locking up when I was doing a full virus scan on drive D (Mirror RAID Array) but when I did a full scan in safemode it was ok, I had to download a intel chipset update to solve the problem
Thanks for that

Hi Vmail

I seem to have resolved the problem , I first replaced the processor from a 1300 Duron to a 2.4 Athlon , and added a Geforce 2 , for good measure, did the same thing locked up again ???:confused:

I then proceeded to change the motherboard and it seems to working great ..........So this one was a faulty MOBO, just go`s to show the process of elimination can rule out the most obvious problems.....Drives you up the Pole though!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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