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Funny problem with Windows XP Pro Installation.

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Hello everybody, I hope you can give me a hand with this. It is driving me crazy.

Well, I have a NEC VC667J/3 PC, and my screen is a LCD F15H41. The origin of this machine is Japanese, built in 2000. I have also USB keyboard and USB mouse.

Originally the PC came with win98 (in japanese), so I decided to make an upgrade.

First I installed the winxp in japanese and everything went really ok, not problems at all. But then, sick of reading japanese characters all of the time, I tried to install the Winxp in English. I've tried Winxp, winxp sp1, winxp sp2 in English with no luck. My problem is the following:

I can boot from the CD at the startup, then everything goes normal, the blue screen appears, telling me that is loading the drivers, and then after it says "starting windows" a black screen appears and nothing happens. The CD seems to be reading but nothing happens, the Hard Disk light is also off all the time (I waited like 30 minutes and still nothing happened).

So, I restart, and again the same happens, the first blue screen and before it actually starts installing, this black screen. The system is not responding even to the "esc" or Ctrl+alt+del command, so all I have to do is turn it off and on again.

So after trying many many times, I decided to try with the winxp in japanese and it went perfect! It is soooooo funny!! Why would the windows xp in japanese install in my PC and the windows in english (or spanish, I even tried that) wouldn't??

Please, any idea is extremely welcome. I've tried erasing the partition and starting from 0 but still the black screen appears.

My PC is a 667MHz Pentium III, 256MB memory and 30GB Hard Disk.

Please, help me!! I absolutely have no idea of what would be happening.

Thanks a lot!
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Win XP Install


Just so we get a better picture, did you format the hard disk prior to the installation of the english windows XP?

If you did try running FDISK on the PC to make sure any remnants of the Japanese OS are gone
Hi again, thanks for your answer...

no, I didn't...I just restarted with the English Windows in the CD and tried to install from there.

I also tried inside windows xp, clicking on the "new installation" option but then also after rebooting the black screen appeared.

I looked about that fdisk thing but I don't know how to reboot in DOS mode for using such commands. I downloaded a utility called "Ultimate Boot CD" & erased the partition (but I think didn't work well because it is focused for Linux users). I was thinking it might be a problem of the MBR but I don't know how to try that fdisk thing since I really don't know how to boot to DOS mode.

I could try that of course so I'll be waiting for an answer.
Thank you so much,
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Visit and get the Win98/me boot disk. Boot from that and you can fdisk to your heart's content.
thanks but...

I don't have a floppy can I make a bootable CD, I've been looking information and I cannot find...

forgot to say, in that web, they do have a bootable cd but they charge for that...any other options? I tried burning with nero and the image file they had there was kind of old and didn't recognize my USB keyboard...

Thanks a lot.

UPDATE: I found one image and I burnt it, then I did the fdisk and now I'm formatting the hard disk from DOS (format c: ,right?)...

I'll have some more info in some time, formatting is sloooooooow... :dead:
You can change Windows XP to different languages...

Go to Control Panel and double click Regional and Language Options

Click Languages(tab), Details (under "Text Services and Input Languages")

Click ADD under "Installed Services", then click the language you want to add, and the keyboard layout you want to use.

To configure the settings for the Language bar, click Language Bar under "Preferences".

Here's a page with an example to use as a guide to make selections for english support, (and which Japanese settings to unselect if you don't want them).
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Well guys,

I used fdisk, formatted the hard disk, and boot from the windows xp cd...

The same, after the first blue screen and after "setup is loading windows", the black screen appears and nothing else happens...

It's extremely weird...
Hope somebody can help me with that...

Thanks for trying,
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I've noticed that after the formatting stuff, everytime the black screen appears, sometimes if I press "Esc", the computer restarts (sometimes even if I press nothing happens).

When the first blue screen appears, I've pressed F5 and changed my type to Standard PC and to ACPI PC but still I have the same problem.

Please, do you have any ideas?
Thank you!!
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