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Fuji movie shots will not upload to my pc

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I have a fuji diji a120 and winxp
(yes, I will be upgrading soon, I don't recommend this camera to anyone)

and my still shots upload all the time.
I recently took some movie frames, and I can't seem to upload them to my winxp machine.

I have no yellow exclamation marks in my device manager..
when I try to load them I get "there are currently no pictures on camera"

I have gone through my manual, and looked online extensively, to no avail.
the troubleshooting section of the manual or even the how to section does not cover this.

I remember taking movie shots with this little beast last year, and think it loaded fine into my pc. So, it worked before...

Any ideas are welcomed!!

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Double post
Indeed. My apologies. It was my first post, and I did it under the wrong section.
Thank you, and wont happen again!

Cheers Koala

No problem. You won't be getting a visit from the guys with their baseball bats :grin:

Can you view the movie frames through the camera? Could they be hidden files or in a format your PC doesn't recognise?

You should get some more replies soon.
*crawling out from behind couch and opening blinds again*


I can view them on my camera, yes.
I have used the movie mode on my camera before, last halloween. They play on my pc with windows media player.

My current 60 second adventure is stuck in the camera, playable on the fuji only. My pictures transfer into my tidy little pc folders without a hitch. So I am thinking it may not be my usb. I have reviewed all camera modes, thinking maybe its a setting.. then I reset the camera to default no avail.

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