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Friends alienware 8800 gtx

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Ok my friend bought his computer about 1 year ago with a 7950 gtx installled here are other specs
not sure about name of processor but it is 2.4ghz amd dual core
2gb ram
650 watt power supply
and a 300 gb hdd
the problem is that the card is very slow (it can hardly run counter strike) but the other one is 100+ fps and he wants to get it work and well he knows how to install a gpu so thats not it he spent $650 on the card and warrenty expired like 5 days ago so... he cant return it
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First, you will need a much larger PSU, something this:
Then, reinstall the drivers (get the latest drivers from nVidia's web site) and make sure to install them in safe mode when you do.
are you sure he can run 2 7950's so i dont know about power shortage
I know that you can run it, but after a while, you will experience problems. You will want at least a 750 w PSU for a single 8800GTX, preferably an 850 w PSU.

Once you have that, you should reinstall the drivers. Make sure to install them in safe mode.
An underpowered card will have many problems later on. It might not be the direct cause if it now, but the card can get damaged if it does not recieve the necessary power.

Also, when your friend installed the card, did he make sure to install both 6-pin PCIe connectors?
i am not sure but i wil ask him about that and see if he will get a better power supply
be careful when purchasing, go by manufacturers specs on wattage; some retailers tend to bloat the specs
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