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Fried Motherboard?

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I'm in the process of upgrading my Dell studio 540 desktop into a custom gaming rig. My current specs are a antec 902 v3 case, gigabyte gtx 570 GPU, quad core 8200 CPU, 4 gb of ram (generic) and some sort of generic mobo. I will upgrade my mobo, CPU and ram in the next few weeks. But I was in the process of putting in a new CPU cooler to replace the noisy stock one, I go to turn on my PC and I get no power or POST. I tested my 700 watt corsair PSU and there are no problems there. Have I fried my motherboard? Is there any way to test if it's functioning? I was going to upgrade eventually but I'm short on cash and a working PC is important :)
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Hi Blondegamergirl,

Take out all of the computer components outside the computer case and only reseat the bare essentials, which are:

1.) PSU
2.) Motherboard
3.) CPU
4.) RAM
5.) Videocard

Turn on your computer and see if you computer is able to post. You can also try clearing the CMOS and see if that helps. Refer to your computer motherboard manual for the CMOS jumper location. Usually the CMOS jumper is located near the BIOS battery, which is a about the size of a quarter or so. Hope everything works out for you.
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also try to start the computer without RAM,the mobo should give beeps if it is ok....
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