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Fried Hard Drive

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Hello all,
I have an Acer 1353LC laptop that has a screwy hard drive problem.
I've tried to do a windows re-install - but it doesn't see any previous version of windows installed.
So I went to the C: to check out why.
That's because there's absolutely nothing on the C:
So I ran Partition Magic, and this is what it has to say:

C: FAT32 | 28,145.1(MG - Size) | 3.0MG Used | 7.0MG Unused | Status Active | Primary
D:ACERDATA FAT32 | 10,001.4MG (Size) | 1,044.3MG used | 8,957.1MG Unused | Active | Primary

What strikes me is odd is my addition skills.
7 megs plus 3 megs comes up a bit short from 28 gigs.

I know the hard drive has seen brighter days, and it might be wise to take it behind the barn and shoot it, but I'd really like to get some files off it before I send it to the great gig in the sky.

Any recommendations?


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Hello and welcome to the forum. While I'm not a HD expert, from the sound of it your HD is toast. However I suggest you first run a good virus scan on it before you do anything else, and then see if you can access any files. With that said, I reccomend you get a new HD....load Xp onto it and then get an external enclosure or usb adaptor for your "bad" drive and then see if you can pull any data off of it. If you would like or need a reccomendation for a good HD let me know.
Thank you,
That's pretty much what I figured would have to be done. I'm doing this for a friend, and he's already gone out and bought a new laptop. So, all that's important now is recovering any imformation we can off the busted HDD.
Can you offer any tips on this? Do I just crack up open the laptop and pull out the HDD? Do I just need a special cable to hook it up to a desktop?
Basically, what are the best steps to take in recovering what I can so I can throw it out the window as soon as I get whatever I can off it.

To hook up a laptop HD to a desktop you will need a 2.5 to 3.5 HD adaptor which you should be able to get at newegg at reasonable for recovery software...let me dig around the forum and see what I can come up right back.
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