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i have the same problem but mine are on wolfenstien and americas army!!

my specs:

Amd athlon +2000 (1.66 intel)
syntax board
ATI radeon 8500 graphics card
sound blaster live! sound card
80 gig hard drive
768mb of ram
os: winxp pro

it keeps crashing like mins into the game i have reformated hard drive, reinstalled game, and winxp pro twice. i have updated all drivers for lan card, audio card, video card, motherboard. i didnt have this problem like 2 days ago before the new case.

i went to a computer show here and bought a case. i put it all together in the new case and had some blue screen problems and so i reinstalled windows the 1st time. 2nd i reinstalled because of this and still have same problem.

then when installing games and upon playing them i discovered it had a keeps freezing and hanging and looping like a 1 sec sound. the last sound heard.i dont think i am over heating because the new case has a cpu temp on front. had to install the sensor on cpu myself.and it runs like highest 119F. so if anyone out there is smarter than me and can figure this out plz tell me or e-mail me i will probably see the e-mail first since i check that everyday.

Bachee :sad:
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