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Freezes when in IE or downloading

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Lately my computer freezes when in IE. This happens ocassionally. But when using ReGet 4.1a to download if freezes almost all the time. The help desk at that program is not helpful.

XP Home SP2
IE6: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301.1519

I did not know where to post: IN XP or IE (posted in both)
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Hi sec

I'm going to add to your dilemma because I think you may need to post on the High-Jack-This board.

Were any changes made to windows, or new software or hardware added, or driver updates made just prior to this problem starting?

If there is no apparent trigger for this issue, I would suggest fully exploring the possibility of malware infection ... follow the advice here* and if necessary post a HJT log on the HJT Help board (please note: no other board as this may delay the response that you need).


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It started gettingbad after SP2 was installed.
I went to the Hijack this area and was told all looked well. I have deleted ReGet, and netpumper and loaded FlashGet. The same thing happens. It freezes after a wheile. Also freezes when downloading inIE, but not as much. I have alreadydid a fix onXP and reloaded SP2 again. Allupdates are engaged. I do not know what to do?
Delete all temporary files and cookies (Tools>Internet Options) and on the 'Programs' tab click: 'Reset Websettings' ... then with your XP CD in a drive go to Start>Run and type sfc /scannow>press Enter key, allow the scanner time to check-out your IE files - it will just disappear when done.

Also, at Start>Run again type msconfig>OK and halt as many of the background programs running as is possible and if that helps reintroduce one at time to identify which is problematic.

Is anything showing in Event Viewer (Start>right click My Computer>Manage>Event Viewer) ?

I took the easy way out. I had a disk with a key for XP Professional and loaded it on the system. Thank you for your replies and I hope that I can be of help to someone some day.
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