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free backup software

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does anyone know where i can get my hands on a free utility that will allow me to make a backup cd?
i need one that will install quickly onto a reformatted hard disk....

i reinstall often for good performance...

i have tried many many of them, but they all need me to install windows at least to a blank running state before they will restore....

i dont want to do that...
it's a bunch of bull...

and windows backup is a joke..
and so is retrospect...

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Hi bob,

What about nortan gohst, then all you need to do is install your o/s and drivers config it then gohst it. then next time you format ya copmy you just copy the gohsted image back onto your compy and it will be back to a fresh install without you having to mess about.
norton is free?

well, maybe you could link me to the site that i can get a free copy of norton from, LOL

as i specified i want it to be free, or i wont get it. i wont pay for software, i refuse to.

the software giants cannot say i am one of their "software BI***"

anyway, if someone could point me to a site that has free backup utilities that you have used, and know that they work the way i need, i would be their best friend..

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oh come now bob, im sure you can find a site to get it from, or heaven forbid buyit copy it and take it back if your that desparate,


anywayz a free peice of software is not going to be as good as a peice developed for commercial release.

have you tryed some off of

bvut if you dont want to pay then you may have to make do with crappy progs.

yeah, i dont condone it either... (not out loud anyways) but i am not looking to add more illeagal software to my collection, i am looking for a freeware backup program, and the only ones i have managed to find that were free, you can only use it on a machine that is up and running with windows on it.....

i do not want to have to reinstall everytime i want to put a backup on my machine....

i used dos, and burned an exact replica of my hard disk, but i doubt that xcopy is going to be able to restore it correctly.....

i will be trying it on my next reinstall...... about two days from now.....

Have you looked into PC-BaX?
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