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Hello all,

It seems I've got a bit of a problem with Fraps. It's running on:

Win XP Home w/ SP2
780i SLi mobo w/ nForce chipset (using onboard "RealTech HD Audio")
Q6600 Quadcore processor @ 2.4GHz
DIMM SLI RAM, 1033mhz
NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT (embarrassing, I know)
Seagate 750gb "ST375064 OAS" 7200rpm HDD

I mention the audio because Fraps is not recording sound when I use it.

Also, i've had quite a bit of difficulty in playing back some of the Fraps video files. It seems, arbitrarily, some of them just will not play (about 1 in 6 don't work). The error message it gives me says that the file is in use, but then the error code indicates that it needs a license to play it.

I've tried updating the driver, and i've also tried uninstalling it. Both to no avail.

Fraps methods I've tried include:

-setting record resolution to half-screen
-all different framerate settings, from 25 to 90 fps (*which record and play back flawlessly, i might add...sans audio))
-using "detect best sound input" and "use windows input"

The fraps version I have is the pro 2.9.4.

I had the old one (2.7.x) which did the same thing.

Note too, that my front panel audio jack randomly stopped detecting, though the audio in Fraps never recorded (before the malfunction).

Thank you everyone who tries to help me out with this!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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