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frame spikes during games

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I play CSS, Americas Army, and Call of duty 4 on my laptop. I usually run cod4 and css at 125 frames while I play and America's Army is capped at 85. Every 5 minutes or so of gameplay my framrate drops to about 20-30 for about 10-20 seconds. This causes some significant problems during match play.I have attached my dxdiag to this post.

I shut down my laptop every night, I have it in an air conditioned room and it sits on a laptop cooler. I unplugged my external harddrive and updated all of my drivers 2 days ago. I have also turned all of the graphics to low and I cannot stop these frame drops.


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Hey justincase and welcome to TSF.

Can you download SIW and post your temperatures when you are in-game for 10 minutes?

When you are in-game, go to Hardware, then Sensors. Post your temperatures for your CPU,GPU and HDD.
Cpu - 71c
gpu - 81c
hd - 40c
Your GPU and CPU could be a little cooler. When was the last time you dusted your laptop with a can of compressed air?
about a week ago, are there any other solutions? Is that much hotter than normal?
If it's a Core 2 Duo, in an air-conditioned room, on a laptop cooler and still running at 70C then that's likely your problem. Even for a laptop that's hot. Shouldn't be going higher than 60-65C max.

Can you hear a fan spinning up inside it? If you can't the CPU fan may have died.
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