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Please l will be be glad if you repply me with the answer of theses Four problems l have.

1)To connect a hard drive on the mother board we use.
A-P8 and p9 wires from the power supply.
B-33 wires
C-34 wires
D-34 and 40 wires

2.) If the operating System is not found ,what can be the problem?

3.)How would you connect two Hard drives?

4.)Which Hardware belloware used in Network to link severals computers.
A. C.P.U, N.I.C, Coaxial Cable.
B. Computer, N.I.C, U.T.P
C. Computer, U.B, TV card, S.T.P
D.Hub, UTP, STP, NIC, Sound Card
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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