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Four of the same audio drivers appeared in the device manager

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In my device manager, I see four Nvidia High Definition Audio drivers. When I try to uninstall any number of these Nvidia drivers, Windows 7 automatically finds and re-installs them.

Does anyone know if these four audio drivers are supposed to be there or something?


Edit: It's M11x so the computer has switchable graphics, one Nvidia Geforce 335m and one Intel GMA. So I think that's why there is also a Realtek audio driver along with the Nvidia ones.


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What motherboard is in there? Is it only on-board or do you have a sound card?
Uhh sorry, how do you find out what motherboard I have and whether it has an on board soundcard or not? CPU-Z says Intel Pentium SU4100 if that's it.
The Pentium SU4100 is the CPU or processor you're using, not the motherboard. Click the Mainbord tab in CPU-Z; that's actually the motherboard.
Ah thanks, sorry for the confusion. In CPU-Z under mainboard, it lists

Manufacturer: Alienware
Model: 08JG36 A03
Chipset: Intel GS45 Rev. 07
Southbridge: Intel 82801 IM (ICH9-M)
Don't be sorry, only one way to learn!

I'm not entirely sure why you're seeing so many instances of that audio controller, but it seems like it's more about the hardware than software, especially because of the "strange" nature of the M11x. It doesn't cause any problems, does it? It's most likely normal for that model, but I'll ask a tech from the hardware section of the forum to see if he knows anything about it.
Ah, thank you. No, the drivers don't cause any problems that I know of.
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