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formatting HD problem. pls. help.

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newbee here :sayyes:

i really am getting disappointed with my pc right now. it all has some programs that i really don't want and a lot of errors keep occurring everytime. now, to let you guys know the whole story here it goes...

my aunt gave me their old pc (i think it's old...). it's a compaq presario 5009R desktop pc. i want to uninstall some of the programs that i really don't want and don't use. the thing is there's a lot of programs and i don't know where to start uninstalling. plus i might remove some important program or a shared file. you know. and to top it all off there's a lot of errors that keeps on bugging me. sometimes when i open my explorer it goes to the "blue screen of error". sometimes it just freezes in the middle while i'm typing some important school project. it's really getting on my nerves now. hopefully while i'm typing this nothing will happen. so, back to the topic... there's no other thing that i can think of to fix this pc but to format my HD. here comes my question:

"if i format my HD what OS do you guys recommend?"
"after installing an OS, what else should i install? i mean like system installer and all other hardware stuff."

thanks in advance to all you guys helping me out. :sayyes: :sayyes:
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The OS depends on you. If you choose something like linux or unix, you will have to learn a bit. Or you could install windows if you have the cd.

After formatting I always install my security **** first, regardless of which OS it is. Then I move into customizing it (As in installing Gaim and etc).

My opinion, support linux or dual boot!
Welcome to TSF:

Win XP is probally the most versatile and stable of choices. You should have at least 512mb ram to run XP


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