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Formatted XP: no sound, no net, no usb

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Googled & read a billion posts alike but anyways. Its got no sound, no net, no ms office, cant read usbs. I have a "drivers & utilities" disc, tried installing everything i could find in it. i got a logitech ls21, with no installation cd. In control panel it says "no audio devices" and its all grey. I have a dlink wireless modem, which works with the routers of other comps, but not the main comp.

any help would be extremely appreciated, i'm ripping my hair over this :upset:
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Have you installed the drivers?

Post the make/model of the PC. If this is a custom build then post the specs.

Open Device Manager and post any device errors.
thanks for your reply! i don't think I have installed the right one, but if anything it would have come from this cd like this (its the one i found):
.I think that disk might contain everything i need in there. its a custom but i don't know the specs exactly :sigh: ...and as for errors; i dont think there are, i'll let you judge that


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The other devices with the ? are the device that you need the drivers for.

Have you checked the disj to see if there drivers are there?

Install and run Everest on the PC and post the log.

This will give us the info to determine the correct drivers.
I found VGA Card Drivers v.207-02, and now its reinstalling windows again. Downloaded everest, but don't know if the comp will read it (its on a usb). anyways, with the ones with the "?" what do you do there?
yeh everest is on the USB, but there's no usb icon or anything alike in my computer. specs, do you mean like main board, and all the cards or something? if so, do i just open the tower to find out what specs are? (is it something like nVidia or something?)

edit: pics might show the specs


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If it's a pre-built (Dell, HP, etc.) the website of the manufacturer will have everything you need. If it's custom just find the manufacturer of the motherboard (MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, etc.) and visit their website for drivers.
We need to know what hardware you have installed to be able to find the

correct drivers. If you run the tool I linked you to (Everest) it will provide us

with this info but if unable to you can get the info from the OS.

Follow the steps below and post the hardware id for each device in question.

Open the Device Manager
Right Click on the Device in question
Details Tab

In XP the VEN_ #### and DEV_ #### is located under Device Instance ID
In Vista and Win7 the VEN_ #### and DEV_#### is located under Hardware ID

Once you have the PCI\VEN_ ####&DEV_ #### , the search is on!
hey guys, some updates! it finally works, full sound, full net, usb work excellent! except it has that laggy effect when you scroll down on web browsers, which someone can shed some light on.

anyways thanks a lot to you all; makinu1der2 (does it read making you wonder too?) and ebackus, can't believe you humans like you would help an idiot like me. thanks guys/girls :D stoked thanks!
Did you install the Graphics driver? (This can cause the screen lag)

Yes that is the way it is read.
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