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Format of c-ds

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Can any one tell me if you have to format c-ds to use them. I have MUSIC MATCH JUTEBOX 7.2. There seems to be no drop down box for c-ds like there is for floppy's.

I want to back up all of my down loads in case I have to reload the o/s again.

Thank You all, Jim
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You do not need to format a regular cdr you just have to have burning software installed and usually you will need to burn using the software not Jukebox. There may be a utility in Jukebox but I would trust a program designed to do the burning as its main function.

If you are trying to burn to a cdrw you may need to "clean" the disk before you can save anything else to it.

I hope that helped if not let us know

I have new c-dr disks. How would I go about cleaning them. Jim

welcome back,
You don't have to do anything with CD-R's before you burn things to them, only CD-RW's and thats only if there is something on them already. I have never had to format a new CD-RW prior to use.
I know a guy that has a DVD burner- he claims to have to do a format of sorts before he can burn. As for regular CD's, no.

I don't particularly like or trust my DVD formatting information source- so could someone I trust more enlighten me?
...I don't know if you trust me or not :D, but anyway I unfortunately don't have a DVD burner yet...but its defiantly on my "To Get List" I want to transfer a lot of my movies I have on VHS, not to mention I just like getting new toys :)
Tech have you consider converting them to Mpg and making vcd's out of them
yeah I got the stupid card for doing it and everything but my choice with that is either 3-4 CDs for each movie or poor quality video/audio... I figure burning to 1 DVD with good quality is the best I just have to get money together and convince myself that this is necessity ... Im good with denial and repression so it shouldn't be that hard to convince myself.....:)

On the plus side of things I don't have to worry what the wife or girlfriend thinks what with not having one.....but therein is also the downside..:(
Well I just burned my first data disc. It turned out very good, and is very simple to use. Now I have less that 1 meg on a c-d. Thanks for the help. Jim
:) No problem...happy burning.
Why did you only burn 1 mg on a cd that can hold 650. Seems like a wasted disk *remembering all the frisbees/coasters I have made*
Well I had about 20 of those freebie's, and my brother said for get it, just throw them away. Fine, now I have a lot of new ones and no marks, new paper to write on, and most of all it feels better. Jim
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