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Right, So, I reformatted like a week or 2 ago?
Everything was working okay-ish before that.
My internet was working.
I could open games like WoW without the internet dying, yes it's a gay game, i know...
Anyway, so I reformatted, installed everything that needed to be installed.
Installed most up-to-date Motherboard drivers, Graphics Drivers, Sound Drivers etc.
Everything that should be installed.
Then I came to update AgeofConan, and on the patch downloading program, I got to the 500MB patch and it just hangs at random MB's, then either just stops altogether or slowly carries on, it's got so bad, it's taken around 2 weeks to patch it and it still isn't done...
That's leaving it patching pretty much every night.
It usually just stops downloading at about 10MB or so.
I never had a problem with this before I reformatted, The patch downloaded in less than 15 Minutes before-hand.
I have something like 1MB BT internet, but it downloads at around 512kb/sec.
It downloads at 512kb when it's downloading the patch via the AoC downloader, but as I said, it just hangs often and then stops altogether.

I <u>Had</u> the same problem with the WoW patch downloader, but I by-passed that by disabling P2P download, it then proceeded to download VERY slowly...

Now, Another weird problem is with WoW.
I open the game, log-in etc.
Log-in to the character and get past the loading screen.
But then, when all the renders are loading and stuff, the internet just full on crashes.
I have a netgear router, so it has an CP accessed via an internet browser, but obviously it can be accessed while offline.
once the internet crashes when I open WoW, I can't even access this Router CP, the only way to regain the internet is by Rebooting my PC.

I've tried downloading New Firmware for the router and installed SP3, looked for different motherboard drivers etc.
But nothing seems to work.
I'm tempted to reformat again, but just want to see if anything else is possible before-hand.

I'm not at all sure what it is, as I can open other online games like CounterStrike:Source and CS1.6 and have no problem running those without the internet dying or even lagging or anything.

It's just WoW and the AoC Patcher.

Any help would be appreciated, and i will keep monitoring it.
You can find my PC specs in my public profile.


( P.S - Sorry for the essay/wall of text ;] )
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