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Foriegn Drive - ACCESS DENIED! [HELP!]

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I had to do a clean install on a PC. Got a new hard drive and all went well.

The old configuration had a second disc that was the data drive. After getting XP Pro up and running on the "new" box, I attached the slave from the old box to the machine. The drive did not show up. I went to Disk Management, and it was there, but it said it was "FORIEGN". I right clicked and selected "Import Foriegn Disk". It then showed up in Disk Management.

However, in "My Computer", I can see it, but when I click or right click and OPEN, I get an instant ACCESS DENIED error. If I right click, there is no choice for "Sharing and Security", so I cannot take ownership.

I do have the PC set so the "simple file sharing" is UNCHECKED.

For some reason, I cannot get to the point where I can get to "Sharing and Security" for this drive.

Anyone have a clue? I know the data is still there, because in Disk Management, it correctly states the size of the drive used and the free space, but if I right click in My Computer and go to properties, it shows a full pie chart.



PS- Both the old and new boxes had WinXP Pro SP2 installed.
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The most common error we see is jumper conflicts and incorrect ribbon cable placement.

When one gets a new drive from the factory, it is set to Cable Select. Then, when you take the old drive to use as a slave, it is set to slave....won't work that way. You need to (if on the ribbon cable with another drive) make sure your master is set with the jumpers to master before you add the second drive. Then, you need to set the slave jumpers to slave. The master always goes on the end of the ribbon cable and the slave in the middle of the ribbon cable.

Hope this helps and if your setup is different, then post back with clarifications.
THanks! I played with the problem a bit more, and found a solution.

In Disk Management, I right clicked the drive info, not the drive itself (You know, the grey area to the left of the "drive block". There, after right clicking, I got the pop up menu with properties and Advanced Properties. There I could take ownership of the whole thing. Once I did that, all was cool.

Thanks for your time! Hope this helps someone else some day.


Doesn't matter how you got it fixed (well, yes it does for future reference), but so happy you got it going. Don't be a stranger on our forum, visit often and jump right in if you see a problem that you can help with. Nice chatting with, go and have a nice evening.
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