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Non important background info
My entire year at college as been given this horrific 'graded unit' that was rejected by the previous management. With him gone everythings went to hell, project is outside of the marking authorities requirements, and in fact we havent covered trusts at all. Everyone agrees what is being asked is unreasonable however to put it simply, since the head of department left no one seems to care.
Google is proving to be about as much help as a water proof teabag at the moment with all the useless information coming up even after filtering.

The setup and problem

The practical part of this unit consists of two seperated networks.
Both networks running a parent child domain. resunit.mbks.msft and resunit.egh.msft.
The networks are connected via a single Server 2003 machine running RRAS
DNS on both networks are setup using conditional forwarding which points to the server on the opposite network.

Servers on each side of the network can successfully ping each other by FQDN and access various other services.

However, when attempting to setup the trust between the two domains it always fails on the validation for both incoming and outgoing trusts.

"The trust password verification test was inconclusive.
A secure channel reset will be attempted.
The secure channel reset failed with error 1311: There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request."

I'm racking my brain as to figuring out why its doing this, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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