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Hi there!

I'm going to start off by saying that I'm in a bit of a tricky situation at the moment, as I'm not the one having this problem.
Backstory: I am trying to help out a Twitch streamer who just moved to a new appartment. His internet isn't what it's supposed to be, leading into him not being able to stream. He has either the choice to upgrade his internet for tons of money, or to use two seperate connection points.

The setup we were working towards was:
*OBS (streaming program) using a 4G ethernet dongle
*Other programs using Wifi (chrome etc for chat and music)

The thing is, they have to be split apart, as he has a data limit of 50GB a month, and using both OBS and Chrome through 4G would use up too much data.

We've both tried using ForceBindIP, multiple times, but can't seem to get it working. The program itself seems to be doing what it is supposed to do, it automatically opens the application once the command is run, but according to him, instead of forcing one application to use the 4G ethernet, all traffic moves to the 4G ethernet.
Basically, not only OBS uses the 4G ethernet, but everything does.

I hope this explains the problem and that you can help him out.

Kind Regards

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Hi mate.

For the record, my knowledge of ForceIP is limited to the official page i just looked at. :)

I'm wondering whether the configuration you have has the 4G as a better metric, making all traffic go through that interface?

Can you try changing the metric of your interfaces please? Set the wifi interface metric as 1 and the 4G interface as anything higher and re-test.

edit: To change the metric -

1. Open a run prompt (Windows + R together)
2. Type ncpa.cpl then press enter.
3. Right click the network adapter and select properties
4. Select TCP/IP v4 and hit properties
5. Select Advanced
6. Uncheck the auto metric tick box and enter the new metric.
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