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I just recently bought a USB to serial (RS232) port adapter as well as a USB to
parallel (IEEE-1284) port adapter. I need them to connect a development
microprocessor board and debugger module to my laptop for one of my current
classes. The usb to serial adapter works great and does just what it is supposed to
do, which is to create a virtual serial COM port through USB. The parallel port
adapter however did not come with XP drivers, instead it relies on the native XP
driver "usbprint.sys", which works only if you want to install a parallel port
printer. I don't want to hook up a printer though, I just need it to create a
virtual LPT port so that the debugger can communicate with the software.

The driver cd came with drivers for Win 98/ME, however. I have inspected the .inf
files and I can tell for sure that they do what they are supposed to, by creating a
virtual port, not just printer support. I have tried everything I could to get XP
to use the 98 driver, but for some reason it won't let me update the driver to the
older one. The .inf file's version signature says "$CHICAGO$" which means it should
work on XP also, but windows tells me that it doesn't contain information about my
hardware (which is total bs). The USB vendor ID and product ID matches the device,
which is what really doesn't make sense as to why I would get that error.

So I what I need to know is if it is possible to disable the native xp driver
"usbprint.sys" for the device, or more likely somehow force windows to install the
98 drivers. I really just need to know how to get windows to properly identify the
driver file as a proper match for the hardware.
There are no other drivers for this
device, I've looked everywhere, and all say that XP supports it out of the box. So I was
hoping someone would be able to help. I can paste the inf files in here if it will
help. Thanks

I'm running win xp pro on an HP dv2000t laptop with centrino duo cpu.
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