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Font sizes are wierd in IE6...

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On some web pages I visit the font size is so large, it is almost impossible to read the headlines. Some pages are normal. I have seen on a few pages that you can change the font size for that particular page, but the ones that I am having trouble with do not offer that option ( at least that I can see).
Here's an example: my wife's yahoo page is larger than normal, is normal, Slacker radio is normal, one of the pages about my favorite football team is large. So the issue is kind of hit and miss.
Any suggestions.
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try updateing to ie 7 and see if the same thing happens
I would rather not upgrade to IE7.
Is there any reason?

I would reccommend that you do for a few reasons.

This could be a problem with IE6 and installing Ie7 could fix the problem

IE7 is a lot safer with securit updates and patches, IE7 is always being updated, and IE6 no longer gets any updates.
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