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i have a program called AutoCAD that i obtianed and it composed of 9 floppy disc and i installed it all and when i go to open the program is says FATAL ERROR: Hardware lock error
anything you know will be a big help thank you
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Welcome to the forum. I am familiar with Acad and you problaby cannot get it to run in that form. Have someone burn you a CD with the install program that can slip you the code to unlock it- it's Illegal may I add.

I've used Acad but prefer Mastercam. It's awesome software.
im aware its illegal i stole the prgram from school....i need a code? where would that be?

i plan to return the program when i get it installed i just enjoy the prgram and wanted it at home also
I'm sure the person you stole it from has the code, why don't you ask them?

I dis-agree with what you did having bought close to 10,000 worth of cad/cam software liscensing during my career and refuse to even comment any more on this thread.

Most companies will give you a full function demo version that you can create geometry but not save or export the file.

Here is the place that will eventually bust you if you stay on your course:
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