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Floppy problems

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:confused: Help!
I have built up a new system, every thing works except the floppy drive.
The light is constantly on and i cant access any floppy data.
Any ideas appreciated..
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Check the cable. Make sure it's oriented correctly.

Do you have another floppy drive to swap out and check it with?
I have tried the cable both ways around, and also tried the disk from my old system which was working but had the same problem.
Try hooking it up outside of the case. The end of the cable with the twist in it goes toward the floppy and you must use the end connector. If the light stays on uplug it from the floppy only and index the connector 180 degrees.
light on steady= cable reversed....learned the embarassing way...calling another tech before i got into computers and asking him...made me reassemble the whole machine before I learned what was wrong:no: he knew !!
It's also a question to study for the A+ test ... :compute:
cd rom and dd kaput

If I use my cdrom or disk drive my Pc will freeze. I have recieved a bad deal.
Two years ago brought and paid 1,634 ($$$) for a Gateway PC system, and I have a problem which they wont help me with
because my warrenty is up.
Both the cdrom and disk drive don't work, they freeze up the system if I try to use them.
I have WinMe, matshia cdrom cr594 48x
generic NEC floppy drive;generic IDE disk type-47.
I am really desperate i would appreciate if someone would write me and help.
thanx in advance
Did you change anything in the bios by chance?
I am afraid that I am not techie enough to mess with the bios. I have been doing some research on it before I decide to mess with. Can you tell me what I should do?
hey shy...

If your having problems...start your own will get more looks then and old thread that people have answered....

can you use one at a time...since you say both ...probley not ...first question...if your not techie enough how much is troubleshooting worth to you (time and money)..if you want to learn... great start a new thread and well go over the steps in diagnosing and need the time, tools, and brains (in my case lack of helps) to open the case and explore...

honestly if this is over your heard...for some it can be...they are called end users (sorry geek joke- just got of the phone with one) it is alot scarier sounding then it actually is but some people you never know...Dude get a Dell...Gartner (a group that studies these things) say an avarage computer life expectancy is three might be fixing a edsel and for the $$ or close to it of a new system...

or best yet...get the new system ...enjoy it and open and poke around on the broken one...either way good luck:bandit:
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