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Has anyone encountered the following problem? Very recently, I have found that any attempt to read from or write to a floppy disk crashes Explorer in Windows XP SP2.

Just to isolate the problem, I have checked the following:

A. It is not a hardware problem. I can boot the computer into DOS from a floppy disk in the drive.

B. It is not a problem of poor disks. In addition to booting from the disks, I can read them in the floppy disk drives of other computers.

C. The same problem affects any attempt to read from a USB floppy disk drive connected to the computer, but the same disk drive works fine attached to other computers.

My diagnosis is a corrupted floppy disk driver, probably the bits that identify whether there is a disk in the drive, or a conflict with other software. I have attempted to uninstall/reinstall the drivers by disconnecting the hardware and removing it in Device Manager, but without success.

One might say that a floppy disk is a useless appendage for modern computing, but it is the simplest method of disaster recovery using (say) Partition Magic or other programs. While I can read my existing boot disks, I can't create new ones, which is a nuisance.

Finally, the problem arose immediately after I installed Suse Linux on a separate partition but I can think of no possible way that would lead to corruption of Windows software.

Any ideas??
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