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flash player problems

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This may not be the right forum, but since it might have to do with applications or processes on XP I figured this would work.

Whenever I play games online that run on flash player, whether on Firefox, Netscape, IE... whatever, the game will go smoothly for a few seconds, then pause for a second or two, then go for another 1 or 2 seconds, then another pause... The page is completely loaded, so I don't think it has to do with that, and the problem only occurs with online flash games. Flash movies, regular online games, nothing else is affected by the problem. I've tried closing all the unnecessary background processes, but that doesn't help either. Anybody know what to do?

Windows XP SP2
Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz
ATI Radeon X800XL
160 GB HD
other stuff
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sounds more like a problem with the internet connection, because a lot of flash programs tend to start running before its fully transfered, so it could still be loading the flash after the page has loaded, and playing from the bit thats loaded, sort of like the youtube videos that play the video as it loads, what internet connection do you have?
it's a cable connection, and it still happens even after the page has been open for like 10 minutes. I thought maybe it had to do with Adobe, so I looked in the Firefox options to see if I could switch the default to Macromedia or something but couldn't find an option to do that.
Somebody please help, this problem still isn't solved. Also, I have an intermittent internet problem, where my computer won't connect to sites/game servers starting whose IP's start with a certain number (currently it's 65). The problem happens randomly, then a week or two later will fix itself just as randomly.

Firsly get Fx as mentioned HERE
Uninstall Adobe Flashplayer as the previous versions are causing massive problems esp. with users of Fx since Adobe took over. Then get the latest release ; Flash and also J2SE(TM) Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 10 which are also mentioned in that link.
These versions are out with many fixes

Also what extra themes/extensions have you got installed? Most of the time they conflict or your firewall is blocking something.
Ok, I already had installed, and I just installed update 10, but how do I uninstall flashplayer? All I saw in the start menu and in add/remove programs was Adobe Acrobat.
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