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first time builder stressed out

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alright heres what i purchased from newegg

AMD 64 3000
Cooler master cavlier3 case
thermaltake purepower 560W
WD Caviar SE 200GB SATA3.0GB
2 x 19in dell LCDs

heres the problem, i had everything connected but nothing happends. i disconnected everything but the proc, and one stick of ram. when i turn the power supply on and off the power LED light and the orange ethernet light come on for a second and then nothing. is my mobo shot? am i missing something? please help, this thing is making me want to return everything and buy a powermac :sayno: .
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welcome to tsf
its probably best you set up the components out side of the case
set the motherboard, ect on a sheet of cardboard and jump the power pins on the motherboard with a paperclip to bypass the case switch
what we are doing is eliminating a short with the case issue.
am i reading you right, you have 2 lcd screens on the card?
post back

My initial reaction would be that you have a short someplace, either between a misplaced motherboard post, a grounded motherboard post, between the case and the side of the motherboard, the I/O plate in back or the PCI brackets that are on the case.

What I would do if it were mine:

Take the motherboard out of the case, put in on a piece of cardboard or a non-conductive surface and connect only the following: 24 pin ATX connector, 12 volt square molex connector (you do have that connected now, don't you?????), one stick of ram (check manual for proper slot), the CPU with heatsink and heatsink fan connected to the motherboard, one video card, ONE monitor, the off/on switch (two wire) to the front panel header, the keyboard and mouse..............Nothing else, nada, zip, zilch....that means no drives, no pci cards, no other wires.

Fire it up and see what happens. If it keeps going, then add something until you think it is O.K. to put back in the case.

Report back and let us know what happens.

Addendum: Darn, that Whosdat is a faster typist and beat me to it again. Oh well, maybe next time I can type faster.
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no luck guys, the video card i have has dual dvi so i plan on running two monitors... something wrong with that?

well i took everything out i have the mobo on the box it came with, plugged the 12v and 24pin connectors, one stick of ram, proc, heatsink/fan, and video card and nothing. when i turn the PSU on and off the little orange light for the ethernet and the power button led blink once and thats it.

do you guys think the mobo could be dead? i dont think its the PSU cause im getting the LEDS to come on atleast (dosent really say much) but no fans or anything. very upsetting.
what's up, i've built a few systems myself and remember haveing the same issue. if i can remember correctly my power supply was not set to the correct voltage. it was something that simple for me, i hope it turns out to be something simple for you. sounds like your build a hell of a system. good luck
Did you plug power into your pci grafix card ???? Does the cpu fan spin ????? did you connect your cpu fan to the cpu fan pins on the mobo ???

did you use thermal grease when mounting the heatsink to the cpu ??????

is there any possibility you installed the processor in the wrong orientation ???? P4 intel socket 478's can be installed incorrectly ~~ not sure about AMD processors ????

did you hear the click for both mobo connectors when the plugs were pushed into the connector blocks / are you sure you have the correct 12V cpu plug installed in the mobo plug / there is one (12V power plug) that looks similar to the cpu 4 pin but its NOT the cpu power plug ~~ it has no hold down latch ????? check throughly ????

is your memory model number tested to be complaint with your mobo ???????

post back your findings


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yeah i plugged power into my video card, the 12v plug is correct, the ram should work with the mobo, the PSU is already set to the correct voltage the processor is set right i pulled it out and re seated it. i think im going to return it to new egg and get a new one... let me know what you guys think.. thanks for all the input everyone.
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